Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emily Lloyd's The Social Physical Library

This morning, I came across this little gem in my feed reader:

The Social Physical Library by Emily Lloyd of Shelf-Check fame. Emily writes:

What if (in addition to these events) there were neat, social, community-building opportunities for patrons to engage inwhenever they happened to step foot in the library? That didn't require planning on the library's part, or remembering on the patrons' part? That were targeted to their own individual interests? That fostered connections between them and their neighbors? That made stopping by the library just to see what's up in the building worthwhile, as opposed to only using the digital branch? That helped people to learn and to better use our resources and our spaces?

She describes a big screen display in the lobby of the library where users could post statuses (stati?) about what they're doing at the library in case anyone else is interested and wants to join in. I'm not sure what social network would make this work best (maybe just the Library's FB fan page?) but I really like the idea. Don't forget to read the whole post at the link above!

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